About the brewery

Since its foundation in 1872, the ZUBR brewery has prided itself on its honest approach and traditional production methods. Everything starts in the brewhouse and continues with fermentation in an open fermenter and long maturation in the lager cellar at low temperatures. Regional raw materials of the highest quality are used in the production of the beer. Selected varieties of hops from the famous Tršice hop farms give the beer a unique bitterness and quality malt from Haná barley gives it a delicious full-bodied taste. All of this, together with its own original recipes, is the basis for the brewery's success, which it celebrates every year in prestigious tasting competitions not only at home but also worldwide.

The Zubr brewery has been brewing beer since 1998 under the tact of the brewer Ing. Nataša Rousková.

Only by following classic production procedures, using selected regional ingredients and especially by people who brew beer with love and utmost care can a beer with good drinkability, the right body and taste be created. This is evidenced by a number of prestigious awards, which are proof of the long-standing high quality of ZUBR beer, and we are duly proud of them.

Nataša Rousková

brewmaster of the Zubr brewery

Beer production



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